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Welcome to the Bristol Branch of The Royal Society of St George.

Bristol was founded in the late Saxon period, the first settlers came here because of the relatively easy access by water.

By the medieval period the city was the second most important and prosperous commercial centre in the land (only London was more significant in the nation's commerce and trading activities).

The city was awarded city and county status by royal Charter in 1373.

The earliest seal of the city of Bristol was granted to the city by King Edward I in the 12th century. The main parts of the city's arms were granted to the city by King Edward III.

The symbolic significance of the unicorn supporters to the city's current arms is that, in mythology, unicorns only do homage to good men. The images in the crest of the arms signify that good government depends on wisdom (the serpent) and justice (the scales) and that these are divine gifts from above (which is why the crossed arms holding the serpent and the scales arise from out of a cloud).

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