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Charitable Trust

  • Nick Dutt, Past Chairman of the Trust, making a presentation of a cheque at the Seahaven branch’s St George’s Day dinner, for the benefit of the Air Training Corps in Battle.

  • Michael Riley, Council Member, represented the Society at the Gala Day inHillsborough Park, Sheffield and presented a cheque to Support Dogs on behalfof the Charitable Trust. He was able to see first-hand the valuable work of Support Dogs.

  • The Society’s Chairman and Vice Chairman, presenting a cheque for £500 to Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster Abbey. The grant will be used towards the Abbey’s project to establish the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries.

  • Lt. Col Leslie Clarke, Chairman of the Trust, presenting a cheque for £400 to Farnham Brass Band, to be used for instruments for their youth training section.

The Charitable Trust has been really pleased to be able to make some great donations recently in support of some really worthwhile and well deserving causes. As you can see from the photos, we have been able to provide funds to support a cadet from the Air Training Corps in Battle, the Farnham Youth Band, Scouts attending a World Jamboree, TS Boxer Maritime Cadets as well as allowing over 300 cadets to attend the Cenotaph Parade in April.

The Trust was established in 1971 with the aim of using the income generated from the capital fund to support young people in their ‘worthy’ endeavours whilst promoting the name of England and the Society, spreading the funds as widely as possible through the branches of the Society. We usually try to identify causes that our funds can actually make a difference to the individual or group involved.

As the result of a change in our investment vehicle in the last year or so, our income for distribution has increased significantly. We are therefore always keen to hear from individuals or groups that we can support – preferably linked to, or supported by, a Branch or Members. If you have any suggestions, please forward them to the Trust’s Secretary, Albert Hankers on

Lt Col. Leslie Clarke

Chairman, Charitable Trust


Our main objectives are to help and encourage young people to greater achievement, whether in fields of academe, sport, adventure or business, to encourage their enterprise, skills and enthusiasm - for nothing succeeds without enthusiasm.

Each Branch is encouraged to recommend young people from their own area and a list of the current donations can be obtained from the Trustees.

Our funds are limited but if you know of any young person who is doing something worthwhile and who genuinely needs a donation to help with expenses, please get in touch with the Trust Secretary. And if you come across a windfall yourself, don't forget the Charitable Trust!

Please support our Charitable Trust by sending a donation to the Trustees at the Head Office address or consider the possibility of leaving a donation to the Trust in your will.

Charitable Trust

Leslie Clarke Chairman
Lloyd James Treasurer
Albert Hankers Secretary
Cecile Gillard Trustee
Nick Dutt Trustee
Shirley Hankers Trustee
Joanna Cadman Trustee
Dennis Stinchcombe MBE Trustee
Chris Houghton Trustee

Application to the Charitable Trust

Application Form Please use this form to complete for an application to the RSSG Charitable Trust. It can be:

Registered charity no: 263076


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